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A good treatment for chronic sinus infection is a treatment that is focus on killing the actual cause of sinusitis, here is where all the conventional medicine is wrong, the medicine that you can find in any pharmacy is design to deal with the symptoms only buy they never deal with the cause.

Sinus Infection is just a result, a result of having a breathing living creature in your sinus cavities, this creature are fungus and bacteria, and if you don’t kill these creatures is just impossible to heal sinusitis.

They’re the actual cause of the sinus infection, all the medicine out there deal only with the symptoms and don’t touch the cause, you have to understand that the big laboratories are there to sell there products,and of you get well you not longer give them money.

All our attention must go into killing the actual cause, otherwise there is no point of any treatment.

Once you kill the nasty fungus and bacteria you’ll not longer suffer from sinus infection, if there is no cause there is no result, remember sinusitis is just a result.

The great thing about all this is that nature has the perfect killer, two weeks of treatment with the right oil extracts and plant and you’ll be free from sinus infection. to learn more >>visit next post<<

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Hello and welcome

My name is Edgar and this is my blog..

Here you’ll find some of my story dealing with sinus infections, the great day that I discover
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One of the reason you’re here on this blog, is because you are dealing with sinus infection and want the
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I was in the same position you’re in now, I actually suffered sinusitis for almost 3 long years, I tried everything under the sun
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But one method did the magic and now I am FREE from sinus infections for good

The cure is all natural some plant extract, some easy to find and others no that easy, but if look hard enough you’ll find them.
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I would love to give you the HOW To here in this post but is just not possible.
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15 days from now you’ll thank me…

be healthy bye

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chronic sinus infection symptoms

If you shut snot Ahcytannatm the airways, probably you develop sinusitis. Try to treat nasal congestion will become a chronic inflammatory

Sinuses are air spaces located around the nose and open into the nasal cavity. The role is not clear, some say their purpose to facilitate the weight of the head. This is despite that in people without sinus (Because of a flaw in the development or after surgery) does not change the head weight. Like the nose, the mucus layer coated sinuses, current and clean them.

What’s this?

Sinusitis is a sinus infection, which occurs when one or more of the sinuses (there are four pairs) are blocked and bitter was pustular. Inflammation may occur in two forms: acute (acute), chronic. The prevalence of both types is similar, and standing on the 5% -4%.

Inflammation is a complication of the flu or cold, and she passes herself or following antibiotic treatment within a few days to weeks. When inflammation or repeating takes three months or more, either because of lack of care or because antibiotic treatment fails, is defined chronic.

Chronic sinus infection symptoms develops in 5% of those with influence in the US, and 40% of the cases is transient, as noted, no treatment. Most other patients use antibiotics to overcome it, but in some patients it becomes chronic.

What factors

Cause of chronic sinus infection symptoms is, as noted, a complication of the flu or colds. When you see the edema or swelling in the nasal cavity, because of allergy or changing the pressure difference

Following dessert nose, sinuses through space snot, which causes a local infection.

About a chronic sinus infection, then it is caused by a complication following acute sinus infection. This may occur because of neglect, delay in diagnosis, or difficulty of the immune system to overcome the causes snot.

In recent years, by the way, there was an increase of the most common chronic sinus inflammation, and researchers assume that it connected, like other diseases of the airways, worsening of air pollution in the world.

What are the dangers?

Sinusitis is an infection that affects both quality of life and health of her patients. Those suffering from intense pain, from either end makes it hard to breathe feeling of pressure in the head. In addition, because infection and development of the floor of the skull, it can cause meningitis.

The main complication of chronic sinusitis is the appearance of asthma or bronchitis, because mucus drips down my throat and lungs. In rare cases may also be caused brain abscess.

Further damage may be caused to sense of smell. In the case of acute sinusitis may feel hurt temporarily, but in the case of chronic sinusitis damage may be permanent and irreversible, and the patient becomes a result, anosmia.

How to diagnose A chronic sinus infection?

The initial diagnosis is based on listening to patient complaints. If a patient suffering from a cold, and after a few days his condition worsened, increasing nasal blocking, runny nose is discharge, a sinusitis. Another common complaint among sufferers sinus infection is acute pain in the face, teeth up top, and sometimes fever.

Chronic sinus infection is characterized by similar symptoms, but also headaches, phlegm, cough first outburst of asthma. When the patient reports these symptoms, complaints accompanying mucus discharge thick, you can set the blue sinusitis medical condition.

How to prevent?

Drugs to prevent nasal congestion is one of the easiest ways to prevent the development of sinusitis, and take them in the event of a cold accompanied by very cold. These include drugs with no drops or pills containing ephedrine pseudo – ephedrine, materials and the lining of the nose pinched. But doctors warn against prolonged use of such drugs, because their addiction tissues, and blood vessels do not contract without them, which worsen the disease.

Dessert nose, incidentally, does not cause sinusitis, and “any appeal” followed by incorporation of the provision is not harmful. Doctors have some say, she

Although healthier dessert nose, because it clears the nose and prevents sinus pressure differences.

How to treat chronic sinus infection symptoms?

Treatment of acute sinusitis based on antibiotics and drugs that reduce congestion (ephedrine nose drops, or pseudo – ephedrine pills). Severe cases the doctor may decide on medication to reduce inflammation.

Chronic sinusitis, however, antibiotic therapy is usually helpful, because if he was influential in the first place, there was no acute inflammation develops into chronic infection. Importance, in this case is to prevent nasal congestion, which is often obtained only analyzing the expansion of sinuses. The operation is performed endoscopy (a camera inserted through tiny surgical devices optical fiber), usually under local anesthesia, and requires a one-day hospitalization.

What’s the alternative?

Alternative medicine focuses on ways to prevent a cold tires and reducing nasal congestion. Here are some treatments that may help sufferers of sinusitis:

* Salt water sprays. Thesis of the nasal cavity are to reduce the viscosity of mucus, which helps reduce the blockage in the nasal cavity and sinuses.
* Acupuncture. The treatment is designed to reduce swelling of nasal sinus congestion and caves.
* Essential oils. Their use can reduce nasal congestion and help open airways. Is done through steam inhalation containing oils, like eucalyptus.
* Massage. Clicks measured in hands and face in particular sinus area can also reduce inflammation and release the congestion.
* Homeopathy. This treatment method has proven very successful in preventing most acute sinusitis, the flu symptoms by treating and preventing nasal congestion.
* Reflexology. Although there is no scientific proof that there are many testimonies by which clicking on the points associated with the nose and sinuses, located between the toes, returns to normal sinuses and helps recovery from the disease.

Doubt if anyone wished not leaking from time to time, yet not cold like its predecessor. So here is a brief guide to the dripping:

* Sniffles transparent liquid is allergic rhinitis. It consists of fluid between – cells and materials which kicks the immune system in an attempt to attack the allergen. Sometimes it can be prevented by providing a vaccine, if it occurs anyway, take care of her preparations Antihistamine or anti-inflammatory. Mucus is not contagious.
* Runny nose with clear or white rubbery texture and is usually viral cold, although it can also be seen as allergic rhinitis. Cause it is a virus found in the respiratory system, immune system operator, so it contains the virus and the antibody. This cold usually passes on its own, there is no need to treat it.
* Mucus viscosity, colored green, yellow or brown, sometimes accompanied by a smell so bad, it is usually a cold bug. She is part of the inflammatory process caused by infiltration of the respiratory system of bacteria. Usually do not need medication, and enough drugs to reduce nasal congestion, but if it is accompanied by fever, cough, throat pain or difficulty breathing, or if it persists more than a week without a break, you should contact your doctor, consider antibiotics.

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